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With more emphasis for businesses to operate online, business quality internet and phone systems are imperative for you to function effectively. Using a dedicated internet connection provider allows you to focus on your core business operations, while we take care of your business network.

The right business voice and internet connections allows your employees to operate effectively (both onsite or remotely) and connect easily with your clients. As well as this, you can increase productivity, collaborate effectively, and keep your operating expenses down with the most appropriate communications setup for your organisation.

How The Right Voice And Internet Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

Discover provides businesses across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with fast and effective connection and communication solutions. We provide services including wireless internet connections, network connections, data centre hosting and VoIP solutions.

By using the right communications setup for your business, you are empowering employees to interact with customers with the best possible user experience. Whether your business is big or small, you can benefit with professional voice and internet solutions including:


No sharing bandwidth, have your own dedicated business line


Performance transparency


No downtime and minimal dropouts


Fast download and upload speeds


Quick support from our dedicated team


Cost effective – no more reliance on onsite PBX equipment


Simple user experience for communication and information sharing


Enhance the mobility of your business outside of the office


Flexibility to scale as your business grows


Secure networks and local traffic source


Keep your business and client data safe

Why Choose Discover For Your Businesses Voice And Internet

When you partner with Discover for your business Voice and Internet, you’re provided with a true end-to-end solution. We become your front-line team, and you do not need to rely on third party internet or network providers. If you ever need assistance, you come directly to us, and not to an offshore team. We work hard to ensure your business connections are consistently functioning at their best.

We provide high internet and voice solutions to match your business needs and budget. We cater for a range of business environments, from a 1 person office to a multi-location site with 100’s of employees.

Enhance your business productivity with the right communication setup. By aligning with Discover for your voice and internet solutions, you have a dedicated partner who provides you with the best delivery outcomes, pricing options and ongoing support.

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