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Are you getting the best performance from your business network, or do you find you things take forever to load in one part of the office or warehouse, and lightning speed in others?

There are increasing pressures on businesses to produce fast results, and collaborate easily with their clients. Whether you operate out or one or multiple locations – your network is the heart of all business operations.

Outdated systems, poor configuration, and the wrong type of hardware can lead to a problematic network environment and bad user experience.

Your ICT infrastructure design and installation needs to be set up correctly to meet the current and future demands of your business. Taking the time to engage an IT Network Consultant will help take the headache out of figuring it all out yourself.

Make things easy and leverage off our teams’ 20 years experience in network configuration.

Why is Network Performance Important?

With more businesses operating online and using Cloud Solutions so teams can work remotely, the expectation and demand for fast performance has never been so apparent. A poor business IT network looks unprofessional, leads to poor customer experience, and decreases productivity of your team which can increase frustration.

Rather than enduring the costs and hassle of maintaining and upgrading your equipment yourself, our Network Consulting Service can help. We analyse your business needs and tailor a solution to support you now and into the future.

When looking to improve ICT performance, our team of expert engineers consider the following as part of their Network Consulting Service:


What is causing the slowness – the network or the hardware?


How data-heavy are the requirements for uploads and downloads?


Are there multiple locations needed for the business to operate?


Is there sufficient hardware for employees to perform their job?


Is the location of hardware appropriate for employees to use?


Is software up to date and relevant for current business operations?


Is the network configured properly, and is the network business plan appropriate?


What are the ongoing network support requirements?

Why Choose Discover For Your IT Network Consulting

Discover’s IT Network Consulting Services helps keep your network dynamic and flexible to changing environments. Whether you’re starting your business from scratch, or want to improve an existing network foundation, our team of expert engineers can help:


Propose an infrastructure that is appropriate for your business and premises.


Identify what hardware is actually needed for your network to operate effectively.


Determine any additional support needed to increase network performance (boosters, switches, routers etc.).


Create an ICT management plan for future upgrades and expansions.


Investigate network security vulnerabilities, and how to mitigate this risk.


Manage installment and configuration with minimal downtime.


Ongoing network support to keep your business running with minimal disruptions.

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