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Information Technology (IT) comprises everything including business websites, data storage, and security. This can be a beast on its own to manage, especially in addition to the day-to-day running of your enterprise. If you don’t have the resources to afford an in-house IT person, then it’s likely that this will rest (sometimes heavily) on your shoulders. Managed IT Security Services (MSS), are specifically focused on the security aspects of running your business IT.

Do you run your own business, or do you manage one on behalf of your employer? Either way – it’s likely you’re already familiar with the number of spinning plates needed to operate a business smoothly.

When done right, outsourcing the management of your IT Network Security can be a game-changer that will help save you time, money and headaches.

Let’s dig in to understand what Managed IT Security is all about:

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What is Managed IT Security Services?

Managed IT Security refers to computing services typically offered by an outsourced provider who oversees the daily running and management of your IT Network Security.

The job of MSS is to ensure that your network is secure. It’s important to put appropriate software and checks in place to protect your IT from potential cyber-attacks.


What is a Cyber-attack?

In its simple form – a cyber-attack is any attempt made by computer hackers or cyber-criminals. Their aim is to damage or destroy a computer network or system. By using unauthorised and illegal techniques, hackers can gain access to computer systems and wreak havoc.

Why do People Cyberattack?

Cyber Threats to businesses in Australia is on the rise. Cyber-attacks occur because hackers want to access details from your business. This are usually data that they can gain some form of benefit from. Common details accessed can include:

  • Financial details such as credit card data;
  • Email addresses, and;
  • Login information.


Why Do You Need Managed IT Security Services?

When it comes to IT security, prevention is better than cure. External managed security service providers offer technology to help businesses mitigate any potential risks to their cybersecurity.

By engaging with an experienced I.T security management provider, you will have a fully customised I.T security strategy created and implemented for your unique business requirements. If you do not have an in-house IT staff member (or an IT team) to monitor and defend your network, then you would greatly benefit from engaging the services of an MSS.

A great question to consider would be:

What could happen if my business doesn’t have managed security services?


What Is Included in Managed Security Services?

To find out the finer detail of what each MSS provider offers, it’s best to have a consultation with them. But to help get a better understanding of what to expect from an MSS, here are the main functions that any reputable provider should be offering as part of their standard services. At Discover, we take a simple 3 step process to keep our clients safe:

Step #1 – Monitor

Continuously monitor and detect any potential cyber threats to your business. We keep you up-to-date with the latest hacks and spam to ensure your business IT is protected.

Step #2 – Defend

Your MSS provider should defend your business IT network using:

  • Anti-spam,
  • Firewall and
  • Antivirus software.

By implementing these measures, we will keep your data safe from malicious malware, ransomware and spyware.

Step #3 – Restore

You never know when the next cyber-attack will occur. Your MSS provider’s monitoring techniques should pick this up before you ever do. The safety net of having the MSS provider’s measures in place will ensure that your data is protected and restored quickly. That way, you can continue with business as usual with minimal interruption.

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What are the Advantages of Managed IT Security Services?

There are a number of benefits to having managed I.T security services for your business including:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Increased Security
  • Peace of Mind

Advantage #1 – Save Time and Money

By having this area managed, you can focus on growing and running your business. As long as your skills are being used where they’re needed, this will help to save time and money in the long run.

Advantage #2 – Increased Security

Protect your business using robust security measures put in place by your MSS provider. This helps to deters any potential hackers looking for vulnerable networks to attack.

Advantage #3 – Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing that your IT security is being managed by experienced professionals. Your MSS provider will remedy any security breaches so your business can continue to run smoothly.


Are you Ready to Assess Your Managed IT Security Services?

Having your IT security services managed by an external provider can save you and your business your most valued resources – time and money. This helps to ensure the ongoing safety and security of your data network.

Investing in Managed IT Services is taking a proactive approach to protecting your business I.T network. This is a much better alternative than the constant scramble to fix any fallout from potential cyber attacks. These attacks could ultimately cost you a lot more time and money in the long term.

By partnering with Discover, you can keep your IT equipment up-to-date and running smoothly at the fraction of the cost of employing your own internal IT staff.

Discover is a trusted Melbourne-based IT services and consulting company. We have been operating since 2001 with the aim of identifying problem areas before they hurt you. We provide Australian businesses with relevant recommendations based on their specific IT requirements.

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